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The Nightscarred Forgotten Gods Cover Image
Shadowfall Studios, Project Daeron
Shadowfall Studios, Project Daeron

Many Ways To Kill

  • A fast-paced, hybrid combat system to allow you use melee and magical abilities at the same time independently.

  • A unique rune crafting system to allow crafting variety of modular spells to enhance your arsenal.

  • Your movement capabilities has no limits. Run, kick, cast spells, sneak, and defeat your enemies!


Unique Lore

Playing as a villain protagonist, the lore based on Turkic mythology will introduce you to a world never heard before, with unexpected twists and turns by facing shamans, and even sometimes the gods themselves...

Shadowfall Studios, Project Daeron

Bring Your Friend

The story is tailored for 2 player co-op playthrough while still can be played as singleplayer too. Bring your friend to experience the story and gameplay in most fun way.

Shadowfall Studios, Project Daeron

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